TOP 100 Giants – Corgan

15 Corgan

Corgan has a decades-long reputation for great customer service. That unwavering commitment to our clients is the foundation of everything we do. Every decision we make is our client’s interest. That same commitment extends to the users of the places we create. Our work is based on evidence, experiential research, and hard data — helping us to understand their needs, desires, and dreams. We question deeply to reveal important insights into our clients and the evolving conditions that may impact the long-term value of the design. To us, our work is only successful if it succeeds on our client’s terms. So we design places to inspire and delight the user while creating real value for our clients. Corgan’s strengths in research, user experience, and design empower us to foresee emerging changes and provide solutions that minimize risk, create flexibility, and maximize longevity. We elevate the process, the space for the user, and the impact of the design on your business.

Firm Corgan

HQ Location Dallas, TX


Design fees (in Millions) $86.50

Value (in Millions) $1,567.20

Sq Ft (in Millions) 21.6

Source ; text : interior design top 100 Giants 2021 – Photo’s : Google

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