EnviroGLAS Terazzo, known as Enviro TRAZ is a flooring surface that will last for 40 years ore more and is a good replacement for marble terazzo, allowing conservation of natural geological resources. Comprised of 75% waste glass and porcelain hold togheter by a thin set epoxy binder that is VOC-free after treatment, the flooring is poured on the spotso it provides a seamless, easy-to-maintain surface ideal for corporate, public or domestic environments. EnviroSLAB is a terrazzo style countertop in a standard size, and EnviroPLANK are tiles that facilitate the laying of patterned flooring and are suitable for smaller floor areas;There is anendless variation of colours and recycled components to ensure huge visual diversity.

The name and nationality of the designer / designer-maker


The name and country of the manufacturer


The main materials and / or componements 

EnviroTRAZ is 75% post-industrial (pe-consumer) and post-consumer recycled glass, 25% epoxy binder

The main eco-design strategies applied

  • Recycled and recyclable materials
  • VOC-free product
  • Qualifies for US LEED credit points

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